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Pregnancy services offered in Austin, TX

Pregnancy is an incredible experience but can also be overwhelming. If you think you could be pregnant, the OB/GYNs at Women’s Health Domain in Austin, Texas, can help. They provide all the medical care, information, and emotional support you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy. Call Women’s Health Domain at their office adjacent to the Domain in North Austin to find out more or book an appointment online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

What happens at the start of pregnancy?

If you believe you’re pregnant, visit your OB/GYN at Women’s Health Domain. They can confirm your pregnancy and work out when your baby’s due.

Your OB/GYN takes blood and urine samples to see if you have any infections like HIV, syphilis, or hepatitis. The lab also checks for anemia (low iron levels in your blood), measures your blood sugar levels, evaluates your kidney function, and reviews your immunity to varicella (chickenpox) and rubella viruses.

You also have a physical exam. Your OB/GYN checks your weight, blood pressure, and heart and lung function. They perform a pelvic exam and take cell samples to screen for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and cervical cancer.

What problems might I face during pregnancy?

For most women, pregnancy doesn’t cause any serious problems. The issues you’re most likely to face are morning sickness, which tends to be worse in the earlier months, and backache, which worsens as your baby gets bigger. Your OB/GYN can offer advice and, if necessary, medication to help with these problems.

Some women have high-risk pregnancies. This term covers everything from being an older mom to having potentially life-threatening health problems, so don’t panic if your OB/GYN says your pregnancy is high risk. It means you receive extra care and more frequent checkups and helps your birthing team prepare for the delivery.

Women’s Health Domain provides regular screenings and monitors you and your baby throughout pregnancy. That means they can detect any problems at an early stage and treat them accordingly.

You have ultrasound scans (sonography) two or three times during pregnancy to view the baby and check its development. Women’s Health Domain also offers heredity screening, using genetic testing to identify conditions you might pass on to your baby.

How often do I need to see my OB/GYN during pregnancy?

After your first antenatal appointment at Women’s Health Domain, your OB/GYN will tell you how often you need to visit. Monthly checkups are typical, with more frequent exams as the due date gets closer.

However, if you’re planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), have a high-risk pregnancy, or develop complications like gestational diabetes, you might need to see your OB/GYN more often.

In addition to monitoring you and your baby’s health, your OB/GYN provides expert advice on diet and exercise to keep you healthy and how to prepare for the new baby. They also offer essential emotional support.

To benefit from exceptional care for you and your baby throughout pregnancy, call Women’s Health Domain today or book an appointment online.